ASCI Has Over 125 Years of Combined Experience in Specialty Contracting.

ASCI prides itself on being a leading provider of specialty contracting services in the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. We specialize in demolition, environmental remediation and commercial carpentry.

Over 125 years of combined experience in specialty contracting

At one time, our core competency was primarily in environmental remediation. The demolition side of the business emerged from a very natural evolution. The need to consolidate the two processes of demolition and remediation, particularly in the Philadelphia area, became obvious to ASCI as well as to our clients. The resources were available and the talent was in place.

With an excellent project management team, consisting of people with engineering and construction degrees and an impressive safety rating, our success as an environmental remediation company translated easily into the realm of demolition. Likewise, our client’s need for restoring their facilities with quality and functional commercial and finish carpentry led us to provide this service as well.

Over 125 years of combined experience in specialty contracting

ASCI’s focus on safety is evident as its EMR rating is one of the lowest in the industry. It is commonly known that demolition is a labor intensive business; therefore safe work practices are paramount. ASCI has always prided itself as being a good, safety-conscious, service-orientated contractor. This approach is applied to every area of our business. The feedback thus far from clients has been outstanding. ASCI currently provides demolition services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with an impeccable track record.

Our Leadership

Jim Vail, owner & president of ASCIJim Vail
Owner & President of ASCI
25 years in the business

Jack Tomasura, Senior Estimator at ASCIJack Tomasura
Senior Estimator
33 years in the Industry

Gary Ferguson, Superintendent at ASCIGary Ferguson
26 years with ASCI

John Lynch, Operations Manager at ASCIJohn Lynch
Operations Manager
18 years with ASCI

Trish McCarthy, Purchasing Agent at ASCITrish McCarthy
Purchasing Agent
26 years with ASCI

Trish McCarthy, Purchasing Agent at ASCINick Hoag
Project manager
3 years with ASCI

Trish McCarthy, Purchasing Agent at ASCIOrlando Foxworth
Project Superintendent
11 years with ASCI

Kurt Schoell
Project Superintendent
26 years with ASCI

Andrew Erickson
Project Superintendent
15 years with ASCI

Dexter Mangum
Project Superintendent
13 years with ASCI

More About ASCI

ASCI is a proud member of the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI), Interior Finish Contractors Association (IFCA), Green Advantage Certified (GAC) and Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley (SADV).

  • National Demolition Association
  • Interior Finish Contractors Association (IFCA)
  • American Indoor Air Quality Council
  • Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley
  • EPA
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